We are always looking for direction.


Do you own a GPS?

Maybe you like to fly by the seat of your pants when you get in your car and travel; just go where the wind may blow.

Maybe you like to plan your trips ensuring you reach your destination safely and take the time to map out your trip, relying on your GPS to guide you.

How about travelling to another country?  It is wise to arm yourself with knowledge about the customs and laws of that country.  Many rely on a travel agent.

But what about your insurance? Do you really know what you are purchasing?

This is the value of a broker.  We are your GPS, your map and your guide.  Insurance is complicated and very involved.  The broker is there to help you with this.  Your insurance is very important.  It’s one of those things you don’t realize how important it is until something happens.

Your destination with insurance is not only price but coverage.  To get there, the broker maps out your information to get the best price and the right insurance for your particular needs.

And it’s unbiased.  All roads lead to Rome; brokers have many options to choose from for your insurance and are not restricted to one insurance company.

As travel routes and roads change, so does insurance.  Your GPS and on line maps need to be updated.  Brokers are required to do the Road_in_Pyrenees,_Francesame;  as companies change, brokers are always alerted to changes and are required to fulfill education hours as part of their license requirement and  to serve you to the best of their ability.

Consider the value of a broker when you are purchasing your insurance.

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