Twas the Day Before Christmas!

Most people are familiar with the poem “Twas the Night Before Christmas” which was first published in the Troy Sentinel newspaper in upstate New York on December 23rd, 1823.  There have been many amusing renditions of this poem.  As such, we felt one should be written for all insurance brokers out there!  Merry Christmas!



Twas the day before Christmas and all through the office,

Not a broker was stirring, not even a client.

For all of our customers were busy instead

Of shopping most wildly for gifts in their head.

And I at my desk with my co-workers in tow

Were finishing our duties before our holidays, you know!

When out in the parking lot there arose such a clatter,

I jumped out of my desk chair to see what was the matter,

Away to the window, I ran like a flash

Pressed my face so intently to the window

To see what sounded like a crash!

When what to my astonished eyes did appear

But a three-car pile-up and eight clowns emerged with such cheer.

Then a little old driver so nimble and slick,

Popped out of the wreckage without a cut or a nick!

He ran about excitedly, most concerned for his friends

And he whistled and hooted and shouted their names

Hey Bingo, and Chuckles and Doink,

 dear Jingles and Giggles and Freckles and Harpo and Stinkie

To the office, we go!  Look, brokers know all!

Now bounce away, juggle away, clown away all!

They bumped, and they circled and twirled

to get in tow.

And marched in all manner, a sight to bestow.

Now to our shock, all the clowns entered in

With circus toys and tricks and silly shenanigans.

As we all shook our heads and a quick turn around

In comes this driver, so grand and profound.

A large bundle of goodies he carried on his back

And he looked like he was ready to give us a snack.

His eyes, how they focused, his face smirked a bit.

His spirit quite cheeky, with laser-sharp wit.

His smile was wide with a shiny white glow.

He’s got a good dental plan, for sure you know

The stump of an odd pipe he grasped with his teeth

Is that the smell of ????, Oh no it couldn’t be!

The clowns all surrounded him, reminding him to be polite,

And assured he was not driving impaired,

 this brotherhood was quite tight!

With a slap on the shoulder from this jolly old clown

I laughed when I saw them; I just couldn’t help myself

Because he was chill and had much to relay

We went straight to discourse and helped with their claim.

We called for some tow trucks for their precious cargo,

And he winked, and he nodded when asked of his address

for the tow.

He sprung from his seat and gave his team a whistle

And they all shot out of the office as fast as a pistol

We  heard them exclaim as they all drove out of sight,

Merry Christmas to you all, you brokers are alright!