Summer Travel

Summer Travel

Are you looking for something to do this summer?  Whether it’s in your backyard or another province, there is plenty to do this summer. For me, I typically travel and visit my parents in New Brunswick or do quite a bit of camping.

There is lots of information on the internet if you are looking for something special to do this summer.  You may want to check out each province’s Instagram or Facebook page.  Each province should have their tourism link, such as Ontario.

Travel Tips

Part of having a great summer vacation and a road/travel trip is preparation.

When I drive to New Brunswick my pre-trip checklist and safety tips are:

  1. Have the air in my tires checked and fluid levels checked.
  2. GPS (maps or GPS on phone)
  3. Cash on hand.
  4. Roadside assistance number on my phone.
  5. Phone charger.
  6. Emergency kit.
  7. Extra vehicle fluids such as windshield wiper, oil, transmission, coolant.
  8. Check in text or phone call at various points of my travel. (not while driving of course)
  9. Aware of my surroundings at various rest stops.
  10. Snacks and water.

The Travel Industry Council of Ontario has some consumer travel trips here if you are planning on traveling abroad this season.

Travel insurance

You should seriously consider purchasing out of province medical insurance if you are going anywhere outside of Canada and even outside your residential province.  If you are traveling by car in the States, you should review your car insurance liability limits and consider increasing them to $2 Million if you only have $1 Million.  If you have any questions about the liability limits on your insurance policy or travel insurance, be sure to contact us if you are a client or contact your broker.

Come visit us here in Leeds and Grenville!


If you are passing through Ontario and are in our area, why not stop and check out Brockville?  It’s a beautiful little city with lots of charm, and you can visit the Aquatarium or be adventurous and go zip lining at Skywood Eco Adventure! Relax at Brown’s Bay, take a leisurely stroll around the waterfront in Prescott. You might want to catch the latest production of the St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival.

When it comes to preparing for a vacation, what travel tips do you have, whether it’s a road trip or traveling abroad?