Looking for boat insurance? Here’s what you need to tell us.

Max's Boat

Photo courtesy of Max Patterson






Summer is boating season and if you are considering purchasing a boat you will also want to insure it, not just for physical damage but to cover your liability exposure.

Before calling or visiting, here is a check list of information brokers require to provide a quote:

  1. Year, make and model
  2. Type of boat
  3. Length
  4. Year, make and model of the motor
  5. Horsepower of the motor and it’s fastest speed.
  6. Year make model of the trailer
  7. Type of motor, inboard, outboard
  8. Are there any extras that need to be insured, ie dingy, downriggers.
  9. Purchase price or MSRP of the boat, trailer and motor. Be prepared to be able to identify the price for each separate item. We realize that they are sold as a package, but, you will run into the scenario of a broker requiring a breakdown of each. Be prepared and ask the sales associate for a breakdown.
  10.  Area of operation i.e. Great Lakes, inland lakes, etc.

And then they need to know all about you and your driving record.

  1. Prior boat insurance? How many years?
  2. Years as a boat owner or operating a watercraft?
  3. Any watercraft related claims?
  4. Any automobile speeding tickets? (yes, how you drive on the road will reflect how you drive on the water)
  5. Any boating safety courses such as Power Squadron?
  6. Driver’s Licence numbers and information for all operators of the watercraft.

Having this information ready will avoid delays in getting a quote for your newly acquired watercraft.

jo's pics

Photo courtesy of Jo-Ann Routledge