Getting Property Insurance: Information Checklist!

When purchasing a home, condo, rental, cottage, or even renting an apartment or a house, a broker requires essential information to provide a quote for insurance or make a change to your policy.

Here are some typical questions you will be asked, depending on the type of insurance you are looking for:

Age of dwelling (does not matter if it is an apartment building; the year it was built is still required.)

Square footage – this is typically for house insurance or if you are insuring a rental, cottage or secondary residence.

Is it detached or semi-detached?

Is there a garage?  Is it attached or detached?  Are there any other detached structures?

How many stories or is it a side split, back split?

Any commercial exposure? For example, do you rent an apartment over a restaurant? Do you run a business in your home or on your property?

Construction of dwelling?

Outside covering of dwelling?  For example, brick veneer, vinyl siding, wood siding?

Is the basement finished?  If so, we need the percentage it is finished.

Are there any water mitigation devices such as a sump pump or backwater valve?

How many bathrooms?  Are the full or half?

Is there a swimming pool? Outdoor, indoor, inground, above ground and it’s age.

Is your residence hydrant protected?  If not, what is the distance to the nearest fire hall?  Is the fire hall Shuttle Tanker designated?

Is there a mortgage?

Is there a centrally monitored alarm system?

Smokers or non-smokers?

With the following, not only is the type needed, but also the year that it was updated:

Type of roof?   

Type of heat?

Is there any auxiliary heat such as a wood stove, wood fireplace insert or pellet stove? How many cords do you burn?  Is your woodstove WETT certified, self or professionally installed?

Type of plumbing?

Type of electrical service:  type of amperage, fuses or breakers and type of wiring?

Type of water tank and age? (even for a rental)

Other information required:

If you are looking to place your property insurance with our office, we would also need to know:

  • The name of the previous insurance company, if applicable, and the policy number.
  • The number of years insured.
  • Any claims?
  • Have you ever has property insurance cancelled by an insurance company?

Protect your investment and get a great price!

These questions are crucial to determine eligibility, the proper rebuilding cost and ensure we give you the best premium.  If you are buying a property, the seller and your realtor should be able to provide the answers if they are keen on selling the property to you.

If you are renting an apartment, your landlord should be able to provide answers as to the type of electrical, heat, plumbing, hot water tank and roof, and when they have been updated. Most landlords require that you carry tenants insurance.

Looking for a quote for insurance for home, contents, condo, or even a cottage?  Try our online quoting service!