eSLIPS! Easy. Convenient. Secure.

Were you aware that in Ontario, we can now use electronic liability slips, commonly known as pink slips, as proof of insurance? Eslips are liability slips that can be stored electronically on your phone, tablet or computer in place of a paper liability slip.  They are acceptable to the staff at Services Ontario and law enforcement officers in Ontario.

Canadians want eSlips


  • Mobile Wallet: Store eSlips alongside payment and loyalty cards using bank-grade security
  • Privacy: Protect personal information by locking the screen
  • Convenient: Receive documents by secure email
  • Easy: Access documents any time, anywhere – even offline
  • Paperless: Reduce environmental impact by accessing documents digitally
  • Free: No cost to use

CSIO My Proof of Insurance

Upon your request, we can use My Proof of Insurance to email your liability slip as well as your policy documents. It is safe and secure.  You will receive an email with instructions on downloading the documents to your phone, tablet, computer or mobile wallet.

Check out this handy video on how it works:

W.C. Burgess Insurance offers another way to get your liability slips and policy documents electronically.



BurgessAccess is our web application allowing you access to your policy documents, liability slips, get a quote, submit a claim and much more.  You must be a client of W.C. Burgess Insurance Services Ltd, and we would need your email address.  If you would like to use BurgessAccess, click here to get started.

Some cautions when using eSlips:

Whether the choice is an electronic liability slip or paper slip, it is the responsibility of the vehicle owners/operators to ensure that there is proof of insurance in their vehicle.  The owner/operators will be held responsible even if their device fails to operate due to poor cellular service, drained battery or reduced visibility due to a damaged screen.

Let’s say damage happens to your phone in the course of presenting an electronic liability slip, such as to a law enforcement officer or Services Ontario.  The insurance company and other parties providing the documentation electronically are not responsible for the damage to your phone.

CSIO My Proof of Insurance and BurgessAccess are one of many ways in which we strive for excellence in customer service in this digital age.  We are pleased to be a grassroots company in the beautiful area of the 1000 Islands of Ontario. We embrace the opportunities to reach out and provide service digitally.  Please stop by our office at W.C. Burgess Insurance or check us out on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram.