Changes are coming to your car insurance!

Ontario Auto Insurance

Did you know that your car insurance not only covers damage to your vehicle, but also if people are injured.

Changes are coming June 1st, 2016 to your car  insurance as regulated by the Ontario government that you really need to pay attention to.

You may not realize or have had the time to understand the basic accident benefits covered under your car insurance.

Take the time to understand your policy and your broker can help you.  You may need to customize your policy to meet your needs in the unforeseen event of an accident.

This quick video explains the importance of looking into your Accident Benefits coverage.

It’s important to know what OHIP may not cover or the limits of your own group insurance plan, as OHIP does not cover everything and you may quickly exhausted the amount on your group plan.

Click here to read a publication concerning Health Care and injuries from car accidents.

Understand car insurance can be overwhelming.  The brokers at W.C. Burgess are here to help.   Contact us or checkout our website under Learn as we will be providing more information on the changes coming to car insurance in Ontario.