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Impaired Driving: Wise Words from A Young Driver

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Students of First Route Driving School are required to write out their thoughts, essay style on driving-related issues.  W.C. Burgess Insurance is proud to present the first of a two-part series from a young driver and his views on impaired and distracted driving.

Jonathan’s Essay on Impaired Driving

“Impaired driving is probably the most common cause of accidents on the road today.  My family is very against impaired driving especially because my grandfather’s father was struck and killed by a drunk driver on his way home from work on Christmas when my grandfather was only a young boy at 12 years old.

I have always gotten sick to my stomach hearing about drunk drivers or drivers falling asleep behind the wheel of their vehicle.  It isn’t that I’m sick with the person, it’s just that I’m sick with some people’s actions, inactions and choices, for example, actions and choices being getting behind the wheel drunk or even high and inactions being not pulling over or stopping when getting tired to rest.

We could convince people to never drive impaired in quite a few ways such as these; offering to be a designated driver, knowing your friends are going out and suggest a designated driver such as another friend or even to get a taxi to take them home rather than driving under the influence.

If the driver is drowsy, you as a passenger should tell them to get over and rest or even suggest swapping drivers while the other sleep for long car rides.  A common misconception lately was that although you weren’t drinking and driving, that it was still “Ok” to take drugs and drive.  This is not the case because anything that impairs judgment, control, and brain function will impair your driving.

Impaired driving means that while driving, something you may have done or that you are doing right now affects your driving style aka throttle control and speed, steering, braking, following, passing and signalling can be directly affected by a driving imparity.

Another driving imparity that we rarely hear about but does happen is young kids that aren’t old enough for a licence, stealing the car.  This is impairment because they haven’t gone through testing and still are too immature to put so many people at risk.”

Jonathan McConachie is 16 years of age and a proud owner of his G1 licence.  His mother is Marla Newell from our office, and we thank Jonathan for his contribution! Well done, Jonathan!



Winter Tires Video Series #6

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Transport Canada, the Automobile Protection Agency (APA) and the Rubber Association of Canada (RAC), have created a series of videos on the importance of winter tires.

This final video summarizes the importance of winter tires:

– Even at slower speeds, winter tires provide more control when braking and corner negotiation.

– Winter tires provide that extra margin of safety that is needed.

– The importance of four winter tires on any kind of vehicle.

– The need for balance all four positions on a vehicle.

Remember, if you do install winter tires on your vehicle, please contact the office as you may be eligible for the Winter Tire Discount.

Here are a few things insurance companies  are advising to qualify for the Winter Tire Discount.  Please note this varies from company to company:

1. All four wheels are to have winter tires.

2. At the present moment, only winter tires qualify.  Not all weather and all season.  If the tires you have are on all year, they are not considered winter tires.

You would not typically keep your winter tires on all year as this reduces the life of your winter tires and they are not meant for the temperatures that occur in the summer season, along with poor fuel economy.

3. True winter tires will have the mountain snowflake pictograph.

Mountain Snowflake (small)

4. The tires themselves must not be older than six years. You will be asked when they were installed and/or purchased.

5. Retain your purchase and installation receipts.

6. The tires should be installed in November and remain on the vehicle until March/April, again depending on the requirements of the insurance company.

7. The discount varies, from 1-5%.

Feel free to contact the office to discuss whether your vehicle qualifies for the Winter Tire Discount.