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Travel Insurance Tips!

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This winter in Ontario has to be the most precarious one yet with all the mix of rain, ice and snow!  No wonder people head off for warmer temperatures for a reprieve.  Or maybe you like the snow and head off elsewhere outside of Ontario to hit the ski slopes!  If you are travelling out of province, seriously consider purchasing travel insurance, even within Canada as your provincial insurance may not cover all the costs entirely.

With Travel Insurance you can purchase coverage for :


Trip Cancellation, delays, and interruption

Lost or delayed luggage

Extreme Sports/high-risk activities (that are otherwise excluded)

Here are seven tips on travel insurance from Secureglobe.

If you are looking for a quote on travel insurance, be sure to call them or visit them at their website!

Not convinced you need travel insurance?  Check out this article about the medical costs that can incur from a medical emergency.

Do you have winter tires? Don’t forget to call!

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Winter Tire Discount

Have you installed winter tires on your vehicle?  Be sure you contact us to see if you qualify for  Winter Tire Discount on your automobile insurance.

The discount is only for Winter Tires.  All Weather Tires, Snow and Mud tires do not qualify, regardless if they have the Winter Tire Symbol.

Also, the discount does not qualify if the winter tires are on all year. (not advisable)

They must be installed and then removed for the appropriate season, and all four wheels must be equipped with Winter Tires.

Give our office a call to see if you qualify for the Winter Tire Discount.




Twas the Day Before Christmas!

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Most people are familiar with the poem “Twas the Night Before Christmas” which was first published in the Troy Sentinel newspaper in upstate New York on December 23rd, 1823.  There have been many amusing renditions of this poem.  As such, we felt one should be written for all insurance brokers out there!  Merry Christmas!

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Impaired Driving: Wise Words from A Young Driver

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Students of First Route Driving School are required to write out their thoughts, essay style on driving-related issues.  W.C. Burgess Insurance is proud to present the first of a two-part series from a young driver and his views on impaired and distracted driving.

Jonathan’s Essay on Impaired Driving

“Impaired driving is probably the most common cause of accidents on the road today.  My family is very against impaired driving especially because my grandfather’s father was struck and killed by a drunk driver on his way home from work on Christmas when my grandfather was only a young boy at 12 years old.

I have always gotten sick to my stomach hearing about drunk drivers or drivers falling asleep behind the wheel of their vehicle.  It isn’t that I’m sick with the person, it’s just that I’m sick with some people’s actions, inactions and choices, for example, actions and choices being getting behind the wheel drunk or even high and inactions being not pulling over or stopping when getting tired to rest.

We could convince people to never drive impaired in quite a few ways such as these; offering to be a designated driver, knowing your friends are going out and suggest a designated driver such as another friend or even to get a taxi to take them home rather than driving under the influence.

If the driver is drowsy, you as a passenger should tell them to get over and rest or even suggest swapping drivers while the other sleep for long car rides.  A common misconception lately was that although you weren’t drinking and driving, that it was still “Ok” to take drugs and drive.  This is not the case because anything that impairs judgment, control, and brain function will impair your driving.

Impaired driving means that while driving, something you may have done or that you are doing right now affects your driving style aka throttle control and speed, steering, braking, following, passing and signalling can be directly affected by a driving imparity.

Another driving imparity that we rarely hear about but does happen is young kids that aren’t old enough for a licence, stealing the car.  This is impairment because they haven’t gone through testing and still are too immature to put so many people at risk.”

Jonathan McConachie is 16 years of age and a proud owner of his G1 licence.  His mother is Marla Newell from our office, and we thank Jonathan for his contribution! Well done, Jonathan!



Featuring our new app, BurgessAccess!

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W.C. Burgess Insurance is excited to announce that we now have our app called BurgessAccess that you can download to access your liability slips and policy documentation.

You can download BurgessAccess for both Android and iPhone and also access your account on your desktop or laptop.

The app will also provide you with contact information, including the name of a Customer Service Representative and a map to our office.

You can also refer to our guide when downloading the app.  Click here to access the guide.

An important thing to remember is to first set up an account before attempting to log in.

BurgessAccess also gives you directions on how to lock your phone so that only your slips are accessible.

The app uses the highest security features available to prevent identity theft and protect your privacy.

If you are a customer of W.C. Burgess Insurance Services, you will need to use the email address and phone number that you provided to our office.  If you have not or cannot remember, contact our office and we will be happy to help you out.

Be sure that the email address you will be using is accessible via your smartphone.

To download BurgessAccess, click on the icons below.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!